"Summa provides us a totally unique way to truly optimize specific preparation and taper before the most important races of the year."

— Arto Sorvoja, Ironman World Championship level Age-Group Triathlete

"Summa is opening a totally new window in to monitoring acute metabolic responses and the true physical training effects.”

— Timo Vuorimaa Olympic Athlete Coach, PhD in Exercise Physiology

For dedicated professionals

Learn to understand and use hormone knowledge to your advantage.

• Optimize performance
• Accelerate recovery
• Avoid overtraining

Hormones don't lie

Summa analysis provides key insights how you truly respond to different types of training, recovery, nutrition and other life events.

Perception validation by your hormones.


With the Summa 14-day protocol, you'll be able to know what's happening inside of you and make healthy decisions that are based on your individual data.

• 14-day period
• Easy and fast saliva tests
• 2 morning and 14 evening samples

An in-depth understanding

Summa Kit enables coaches and athletes to adjust training loads optimally and seek the peak performance for competition.

• Anabolic balance analysis
• Raw: Free testosterone & Free Cortisol
• Three day anabolic/stress/recovery trend

Deep monitoring protocol for at-home use

The truth from your performance and recovery