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Day-to-day hormone dynamics

When monitoring training load and hormones in parallel, acute training response, accumulated fatigue and recovery success become clearly visible.

High T/C ratio FTW

A higher testosterone to cortisol ratio suggests a more favorable anabolic environment, indicating that the body is in a state of recovery and adaptation, promoting muscle growth and repair.

Why longitudinal monitoring?

Recovery and Adaptation

Track the body's ability to recover and adapt to training.

Intensity and Volume

Avoid sustained high-intensity or high-volume training without adequate recovery.

Performance and Training Response

Observe positive training adaptations and performance peaks.

Stress and Fatigue

Chronic stress and excessive training load can disrupt the balance between testosterone and cortisol.

"Summa provides us a totally unique way to truly optimize specific preparation and taper before the most important races of the year."

— Arto Sorvoja, Ironman World Championship level Age-Group Triathlete

"Summa is the only tool that has helped me understand how my body reacts to training. I can now understand when I have been pushing too hard, could have pushed harder and how energy intake helps me respond to training better."

— Mathias Höglund, Cross Country Skier

"Summa has given me an insider look at exactly where my body stands during each and every training and racing session."

— Eamon Lucas, Professional Cyclist

Baseline Assessment

Establish baseline hormone levels to understand your individual hormonal range, profile and traits.

Training Adaptations

Monitoring hormones over an extended period allows you to observe how hormone levels adapt to different training phases.

Performance Optimization

Monitoring hormones over a longer period identifies hormonal patterns associated with optimal performance.

Recovery and Overtraining

Identify patterns and trends that may indicate the need for adjustments in training, rest, or recovery strategies.

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