I discovered my superpower: Fast recovery time

Summa has given me an insider look at exactly where my body stands during each and every training and racing session.”

— Eamon Lucas, Professional Cyclist, Summa beta tester

Now I understand how much rest is needed

Summa Labs is the only tool that has helped me understand how my body reacts to training. I can now understand when I have been pushing too hard, could have pushed harder and how energy intake helps me respond to training better."

— Mathias Höglund, Cross Country Skier, Summa beta tester

Game changer!

Summa provides us a totally unique way to truly optimize specific preparation and taper before the most important races of the year."

— Arto Sorvoja, Ironman World Championship level Age-Group Triathlete

We provide analytics to help you understand


  • Form a baseline understanding of your anabolic training status
  • See if you’re in normal hormonal dynamic range for elite athletes


  • Define personal recovery needs imposed by your training program
  • Balance your rest and recovery for supercompensation

Training modality

  • See which training modality is the best for your anabolism


  • Optimize your tapering before competitions to ensure peak performance


  • Ensure that you consume enough energy to remain in anabolic state


  • Quantify your travel stress and time your travel

Monotonic training

  • Detect monotonic training that does not yield progress


  • Detect overreaching and prevent overtraining

Total load

  • Quantify and separate your total load and sport load